Hi everybody,

I “rescued” a morkie (Maltese,yorkie) named Sammie and 2 pit bulls named Princess and Nina, aka The Pits. The reason I say I “rescued” them is because I didn’t officially rescue them from a shelter but instead I rescued them from people. Sammie was “rescued” from my uncle who couldn’t take care of her properly and The Pits were “rescued” from a couple that posted them on craigslist. Craigslist?!?! Yes, craigslist. When I saw that add, I couldn’t resist. If I hadn’t taken them they could’ve been given to dog fighting breeders or even worse– the dog fighters.

This blog is mainly about The Pits (don’t worry Sammie will show up too). This will be all about my experiences with The Pits and not only just Princess and Nina but the other pits I’ve encountered as well. Please give me feedback on all/any of my posts and if you want, ask me questions. I will definitely answer them via email and I will post them on my blog (if blog appropriate).


M – The Bully Master

P.S. – Princess looks smaller than Nina in the pictures but Princess is actually bigger than Nina ( Nina is 46 lbs, Princess is 50 lbs and has a bigger head and torso)

Before rescue

After Rescue - Nina

After Rescue – Nina


After Rescue – Princess

p & n

The Pits



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